Tall, Handsome & Muscular Stud Flint Shows Off

Flint is a tall, handsome and very muscular straight dude. He came with his flip-flops and camouflage shorts. He had a hard day and is now trying to relax. He heard that there is this site for Men’s feet (MyFriendsFeet) where guys can show off their feet and body and earn some easy cash. Actually, he says he was attracted to the idea mostly because he loves when people look at him and admire his physique.

He kicks back on the bed and gets relaxed. His big feet and sexy toes are very inviting indeed. He looks like he’s going to fall asleep, but he’s just pretending. Hopefully we’re going to see much more of this hot muscular man soon enough.

Click here to watch his entire video and pictures in HD quality at MyFriendsFeet!

MyFriendsFeet is a cool foot fetish site that features a lot of straight guys with hot big masculine feet and feet worship.



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