Tables Are Turned – Kenny’s Boss Becomes His Slave and Services His Big Masculine Feet

Kenny works as a businessman in a company where there’s a strict hierarchy. He has a boss, called Drake, who acts, well, as his boss. But that happens only during the daytime, while Kenny is at work. When he comes home, his boss Drake comes with him for a very special purpose – to worship Kenny’s massive manly feet!

Nobody at work knows about this little secret of theirs. Drake may be Kenny’s boss at work, but deep down Drake knows that Kenny is the real alpha male and his feet command utmost respect. Especially after a hard day’s work, Kenny’s feet become a little smelly, the masculine scent of a real man can drive Drake crazy.

As soon as Kenny arrives home, his slave Drake gets on his knees to worship Kenny’s massive feet. Still fully dressed in his office suit and tie, Kenny gives out orders to Drake, telling him how he would like his feet to be worshiped. Drake even gets on all fours and serves as Kenny’s footstool. Drake loves to service Kenny’s feet and to be his little obedient slave. Kenny’s feet are so powerful and big that no feet-loving man would ever turn him down!



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